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Surface Perfection by Ekamant

Ekamant sandpaper brand from Sweden was first introduced to the Indonesian market in 1992, particularly to the woodworking or furniture market in Indonesia.

Since then, in line with growing market demand, in late 1998, Ekamant AB Sweden decided to invest in Indonesia and PT. Ekamant Indonesia was established. Supported by sophisticated converting equipment, PT. Ekamant Indonesia grows to become a leading sandpaper company that supplies a wide range of abrasive products to the woodworking industry, automotive, plywood, musical equipment industry, the furniture industry, market retailers to craft industry in various provinces in Indonesia.

As one of the business players in industrial converting and abrasive industry in Indonesia, PT. Ekamant Indonesia also joined the Converting & Abrasive Industry Association of Indonesia (Aikasindo) in 2013 and contributed to the growth of sandpaper industry with the government and local industry.

With long experience of over 25 years in sandpaper business, the leadership of PT.Ekamant Indonesia has encouraged the company to achieve the vision and mission to realise sustainable growth and continue to build quality products with various applications and increase customer satisfaction.